1 Million+ Fathers Challenge

As we approach the celebration of a good father and man within Dr. King, our group was pondering what could we do to give other fathers the same benefits and that same positive father vibe that we continuously nurture between ourselves. Similar to what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has said, "We have a dream…", and we are making it a reality.

We would like to grow our support group to 1 Million+ Fathers. This would create a digital platform for fathers to share and participate with other fathers.


The Caregiver

We have determined this father to combine toughness and tenderness. This father will enjoy time with his children but is not afraid to set some type of limits to maintain the parent-child relationship. This type of father has always been around. But the number of men who choose this role is increasing. Many fathers today recognize that family life can be rewarding and that their children need their involvement.

What type of father are you?

Father of a Child T-Shirts

7 amazing words that are a beautiful badge of honor. We all celebrate the fact that we are gifted to be someone's father.

Some of our members are creating a series of t-shirts that we can all wear to show our badge of honor. We have "I am a...", "I support a...", "I love a...", "Soon to be a..." and the list grows. Yours is soon to be a click away.

Building On Our Support

We have begun the process to develop Father of a Child as a non-profit organization. With this status, there are a multitude of opportunities that our support group can provide to various members including career options, educational choices and various helpful solutions for the father that can positively affect our children.

A board of directors is being formed. This group will help to shape the direction of Father of a Child. Once the board has been established, the notes of the meetings will be displayed on the website of Father of a Child.


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Board's Notes

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